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Do you enjoy movies?

Dare to beat the monster by guessing movie titles from real movie scenes in this fast game, packed with hundreds of new movies all wrapped up with beautiful visuals..

Movie Monster Quiz

available here,

Android app on Google Play

  • 100% free. No registration, just immediate addictive fun.
  • 2 actual whole scenes for each movie. NOT your ordinary poster-cropping, iconic image guessing game.
  • Hundreds of movie titles loaded with movies of the 00's, from all genres, for hours of fun.
  • 21 gradually increasing rounds of difficulty + 4 themed bonus rounds (Monster, Tarantino, Stephen King adaptation and Time Travel movies!).
  • 2 free hints for each movie + solve full title ability for every 16 movie titles you guess. No Facebook friends' annoyance required.
  • Graphically rich game design.
  • Super fast gaming experience (we've got the best coding monkeys).
  • Installation on the external storage.